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Quiz 14 - Halloween Special


Question 1 Trick or Treat is a popular Halloween custom, what's it called in Scotland ?

A= Guising

Question 2
Which character did Bram Stoker base on the real life person called Vlad the Impaler ?

A= Dracula

Question 3 What number

A= is the sum of all numbers on a roulette wheel ----------------666

B= is the former name of US Highway 491------------------------666

C= is the number of the Beast--------------------------------------666

Question 4
According to the children's nursery story, who pushed the wicked witch into the oven,

was it Hansel or Gretel?

A= Gretel

Question 5 What monster supposedly roams the Himalayas?

A: Yeti or Abominable Snowman

Question 6
Anagram 10 letters/ 2 words


Also a Bette Midler Film
A: Hocus Pocus

Question 7
Which British film studio was famous for it's blood-curdling movies?

A: Hammer House of Horrors

Question 8

What nickname was given to the Scottish national team which defeated
England at Wembley Stadium in 1928 ?

A: Wembley Wizards

Question 9
Family Fortunes; Name Something People Consider Unlucky

A= Walk Under Ladder / Number 13 / Black Cat / Break Mirror / Magpie

Question 10
10 best selling Halloween costumes for kids 2013




4.Disney Princess

5.Iron Man





10. Star Wars


Question 11
Who was the Evil one-Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde ?

A: Mr Hyde

Question 12
Which British island is the home of the giant ghost dog, Moddy Dhu ?

A: Isle of Man

Question 13
Apart from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street,
name any 3 of the other 8 films in the series

A: 1. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Wes Craven Robert Shaye

2. Freddy's Revenge

3. Dream Warriors

4. The Dream Master

5. The Dream Child

6. Freddy's Dead

7. New Nightmare

8. Freddy vs. Jason

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 D(2010)

Question 14

Pilliwinks were an instrument of torture,
that squeezed which parts of the body until they were eventually crushed ?

A: Fingers

Question 15
Which famous actor performed the narration on Michael Jackson's Thriller ?

A: Vincent Price

Question 16 Who had hits called . . . . . . .

A: I put a spell on you----------Screaming Jay Hawkins

B: Ghost Riders in the Sky------Johnny Cash

C: Devil Woman-------------------Marty Robbins

Question 17
In which classic scary movie do the main characters meet in a
London Pub called The Slaughtered Lamb ?

A: An American Werewolf in London

Question 18
In which book and TV series did the title character
have a wife called Mildew and a son called Mold ?

A: Fungus the Bogeyman

Question 19
Name The Addams Family

A:  Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, Thing & Cousin It


Question 10 Halloween Anagrams:

1. Car Dual = Dracula

2. Loan Wheel = Halloween

3. Nasal Variant = Transalvania

4. Red Vagary = Graveyard

5. Prime Gatherer = The Grim Reaper

6. Epic Rod Frankness = Prince Of Darkness

7. Hate Use Hound = Haunted House

8. Kit Cat Terror = Trick or Treat

9. Wiser Chicks Bottom = Witches Broomstick

10. Ten Fine Ranks = Frankenstein

11. Mink up Pipe = Pumpkin Pie

12. Lost Knees = Skeletons

13. An Oral Ramp = Paranormal

14. Map Vibrate = Vampire Bat

15. Throbs Guests = Ghostbusters

16. Rod Then Flowed = End of the World

17. Even Cows Itch = Witches Coven

18. Laid Analysts = All Saints Day

19. We Flower = Werewolf

20. Fifty Heaver Presumably = Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Question 21

                Who won a Worst Supporting Actress award at the Golden Raspberry Awards in 2006 for her performance in the horror film House Of Wax?   

A= Paris Hilton

Question 22 Which TV series features a talking black cat called Salem?   

A= Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Question 23 October 31st Decades

A= Magician Harry Houdini dies of gangrene--------------------------------------1926

B= The Boy Scouts of the Philippines is formed------------------------------------1936

C= Dedication of the Lincoln Highway, the 1st  automobile road across U S---1913

D= Battle of Beersheba - "last successful cavalry charge in history".-----------1917

Question 24 Where might you meet ghosts called Blinky, Inky,Pinky & Clyde ?

A= In a Pacman game

Question 25
Who had hits called . . . . . .

A= Race with the Devil------------------Gun

B= Witch Queen of New Orleans-------Redbone

C= Devil went down to Georgia---------Charlie Daniels Band

Question 26
True or False ?

A= Halloween is the 3rd most successful holiday commercially in the USA,
after Thanksgiving & Christmas !

B= Pumpkins are members of the same family as Cucumbers !
             C= In 1782 Anna Goddi of Switzerland was the last European to be hanged for being a witch
D= in Walnut, California.Trick-or-treaters need a permit to wear a mask

Answers = False [2nd], True [Squash], True, True

Question 27
      Which town in Massachusetts was noted for its witchcraft trials in the 17th Century? 

A= Salem

Question 28
Who had hits called . . . . . .

A= Abracadabra--------------Steve Miller Band

B= Don't Fear the Reaper---Blue Oyster Cult

C= Evil Woman----------------E L O



Question 29 Wipeout;


How many films were there in the 'Poltergeist' series



What position in did the charts did Ray Parker Jnr. Reach with Ghostbusters ?



Which actress starred in the 1993 horror film Leprechaun before later going on to find fame in the TV sitcom Friends?   

Jennifer Aniston


For which movie did Bobby Brown record the theme called 'On Our Own'?

Ghostbusters 2


Which horror movie villain normally wears a brown fedora hat and a red and dark green hooped sweater?

Freddie Kruger


Which film, based around the characters Sam Wheat & Molly Jensen, was the most popular 'spooky' film of 1990?  



Who is the chief villain in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films?  



 Which ghost haunts the girl's toilets in the Harry Potter novels?   

Moaning Myrtle


Who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in the film Ghost?

Whoopie Goldberg



Which actor’s surname means 'white ghost' in Russian?

David Duchovny




Question 30

I was born on Halloween on the North American continent in 1950

I am no longer active, having died rather suddenly

My Mum & dad were working class, I was marked out as different whilst still at school

I was offered the chance to join the cast of Saturday Night Live but turned it down to
stay on a Canadian TV comedy show that had given me my big break

I was a member of the band Northern Lights who had a track on the
We are the World US Band Aid album

By 1980 I had moved into films, appearing in Stephen Speilberg’s comedy 1941

I appeared in more movies for Director John Hughes than any other actor [7]

I formed close friendships with my fellow actors,
particularly Steve Martin & McCauley Culkin 1980

I died in Mexico in 1994 whilst filming

I stood 6'2" tall and for most of my adult life I weighed over 22 stones

I was the star of Cool Runnings [98 minutes], Uncle Buck & The Great Outdoors

Initials = JC [John Candy ]




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